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The Purpose of Dental X-Rays

During most routine trips to a dentist in Coral Springs, you’ll probably have your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist. But on ocassion, the dentist will tell you that it’s time to have your teeth x-rayed. So what is this x-raying business all about? Is it just a way for the dentist to suck a few more dollars out of your wallet or is there real purpose.

Well, as you’d probably guess, there are a number of legitimate reasons for getting your teeth x-rayed periodically. As you well know, your teeth aren’t completely solid.

The outer white part that’s visible to the eye is called the enamel, which is the hardest thing in your body. The layer just below the enamel is called the dentine. And further in are nerves.

So there’s a lot that can be going on inside and around your teeth that a dentist can’t see with the naked eye. And keep in mind that your teeth go deep into your mouth which makes a dentist’s job even tougher.

This is where x-rays can help the dentist is several ways:

1. Tooth decay – if you experience decay or cavities on the top surface of a tooth, the dentist can easily spot it. But what if that decay is between your teeth all way in the back where your molars are entrenched? Your dentist may not see it, but it will show up on x-ray.

2. Bone loss – your teeth are firmly attached to your jaw bone structure. But severe gum disease can actually result in a loss of bone. This loss means that your teeth can loosen, thus making it necessary to undergo a procedure to stabilize the tooth or have it pulled and replaced with dental implants. An x-ray will help determine how much bone loss you’re experiencing.

3. Check under fillings – when you have a cavity, the dentist will cover it over with a filling of some sort. But just because the filling is in place, that doesn’t mean decay can’t or won’t continue. You’ll only know what’s going on by having an x-ray done.

4. Root infections – you’ve heard the term root canal which is an area inside your tooth where nerves exist. Whether through gum disease or other means, it’s possible for the root area or the bottom of the tooth to become infected. It’ll take an x-ray to get to the bottom of any root issues. If left untreated, you may have to have to seek dental implants in Coral Springs.

5. Pre-treatment check – before a dentist performs any sort of significant treatment or surgical procedure related to your teeth, he or she will generally want to get a picture of your teeth as a precaution to confirm their diagnosis and to make sure nothing is missed. So x-rays may be taken prior to procedures such as dental implants, braces, tooth removal, etc.

So there you have 5 reason why dentists need to take x-rays of your teeth. The reasons include checking for tooth decay, bone loss, decay under fillings, root infections, and any issues prior to major procedures.

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